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clunking & crunching in front end

I have an 06 Mazda5, with 47k KM. Over the past few weeks as we drive there is nearly constant crunching sounds from the front end. T

This is not the cold bushing issue (when it was cold in Canada and you went over a bump there was a single crunch sound) - which I had replaced back in early 07.

Instead this is more constant noise and its certainly not cold here! - I've moved to Vietnam and its about 30 degrees celcius each day. The problem is local Vietnam garages & mechanics either:
a) may not know what they are doing;
b) may be trying to cheat me by selling something I don't need; or
c) can't speak English so we can't effectively communicate.

Any thoughts or input as to what part(s) I might need?? Then I can try to find them and have a local garage replace/install.

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ugh, hopefully it's not the CV joint. 90% of the time they go bad AFTER the boot around them has cracked and let all the grease out. This is something you can probably feel for with the car on the ground. Either end of the driveshaft has a corrogated (sp) boot around the shaft - one at the wheels and one at the transmission. The outer boot is usually what goes, and just feel around it to make sure it is in one piece. If you feel grease on the boot, that's your problem... in which case you probably want to get a whole new half shaft for the car for someone to replace.
With the right tools i'd guess around 2 hours labor per side.
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Awesome, this was a absolutely superior post. In approach I'd like to address like this too - demography time and absolute accomplishment to accomplish a acceptable article... but what can I say... I adjourn alot and never assume to get something done.
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