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Jomoreno805 April-2nd-2018 03:30 PM

Lower front ball joints scraping rotor
Hey everyone. First post ive had to make here so any advice would be great.
so i recently changed out most of my front suspention. The last thing i have replaced so far was my hub assembly. Now i thought everything was fine but once i tried to take it on a test drive i noticed a very noticeable grinding and scraping noise. Felt like something was holding my tire from wanting to rotate.
Pulled back into my garage took off the tire and realized something was scraping up my new rotors. Wen i took a look i noticed the ball joint was the culprit.
now ive replaced the lcas, the cv axles, the tie rods, inner and outer, the sway bars, rotors and brakes on both front driver and passenger sides.. Once the steering knuckle was put back on with the new hub assembly installed is wen this all seemed to happen. Im stumped as to why this is happening or how to fix it. Any ideas? Ill post more pics as soon as i have a chance.

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