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August-7th-2006, 06:10 PM
The forum didnīt let me add the complete guide due the number of pictures...
so the "full version" is on my site

MAZDA 3 2006 Door panel removal / installation guide.

First of all DONT PANIC! there is nothing you can break or mess up, if you follow my simple guide.


1) Phillips screwdriver
2) "Small" flat screwdriver
3) Fingers

1.- there are 10 (ten) "plug locks" thingies that hold the door panel in place, plus 2 screws;

The red areas are "trouble areas" while the yellow dots are the thingies I mentioned earlier, to release this locks you just simple pull

we are gonna start by yanking the tweeter off, simply pull the whole triangle (12) out, its been holded in place by one lock, donít pull too hard or when you detach the piece, you take the risk of unplugging the wires, see next picture to see the length of the wire, to understand what I mean.

Tweeter done...

2.- Next start sliding your fingers or screwdriver, ( I recommend fingers, so that way you donít damage the plastic) on area marked as 1 thatís the bottom left corner, and pull toward you, you might hear a crackling noise, donít be alarmed, keep pulling youíll hear a pop!, continue popping all the locks in sequential order, leaving alone the number 4 for now.

thatís 1, 2 ,3 ,5 ,6 ,7 8, 9, by the way i have my doubts if number nine actually exist... but thatís not a problem...

3.- Now the screws, on the handle there is clearly visible a small cap with a gap on it, use your small screwdriver, to open it and then your Phillips to unscrew the screw... same with the one on the other picture

5.- Pull the "open door leaver" and slide the plastic inset, leave it hanging, no need to detach the cable

6.- Now the door its only in place by the 4th lock (numero cuatro) gently swivel the whole piece up pulling by the handle up and release lock 4 remember the panel is still conected to the window control and the lock control ( for us power lock and windows users) so watch for the cables.

7.- Once the door panel is airborne detach the window control cable (the one Iím holding) its pretty easy just squeeze the plastic youíll see a "lock" move and then pull, slide the plastic lock control thru the hole in the door so you'll leave it hanging as in the picture and thereís no need to detach the cables.


Do you see the white thing thatís on right of my hand? thatís one of the locks... it should be on the panel side not on the metallic side of the door... how did that happen? I dunno but you need to put it back on the plastic side of the door in order to reattach it.

8.- Chant in Victory and Celebrate!!!! , now you can do whatever you wanted to do in the first place, like change those crappy paper speakers for some decent ones or clean the puke you friend managed to squirt inside the panel :D


as i suspected The size of the Mazda 3 2006 speakers are 6X8 speakers... I didnít measure the deep tough.... but Iím sure you could squeeze a pair of 6X9 with some metal bending and plastic removal....

Ok, back to the NOTE part, this is the way an anchor point should look like (hole)

not like this with a white plastic blocking the hole

so grab the thingy by a side and pull it.

There... thatís more like it, now relocate it into the appropriate slot in the plastic panel, and when you are finished, do the steps in reverse, and youíll be done, as you saw there is no real complication, and its very easy to dismount / mount, enjoy.


Hunchback drvr
September-18th-2007, 07:52 PM
DEm -- Great right up! I used your web directions and had no issues with my door panel removal! They work as well for the back door panels. I now have an upgrade to my factory speakers! I can actually max out the volume control with little distortion. NOTE** when replacing the factory speakers, try to reuse the plastic speaker water guard. It will come off with a small flatblade and some patience, held on by double sidede type tape. Again Bra! Thanks!

September-19th-2007, 12:37 AM
glad I could Help :)

November-8th-2008, 05:05 PM
Hey ya thanks for the posting, sounds really helpful, i have been trying to access the link but page error message that;s come up?? is it a broken link?


August-3rd-2009, 07:50 AM
I have been looking all over for those 10 (ten) "plug locks for the mazda 3 doors, I have gone to auto zone, o'rielly, advanced, and i can not find them. do you know where they can be purchased at or a web sight that i can buy them off of.

June-1st-2010, 10:31 AM
Does someone know how to remove the window handles (I don't have power electric windows)? because I can't figure out how to remove it. :Wconfused

June-2nd-2010, 03:00 PM
can say im familiar with manual windows... but most can be dissembled by removing a clip that wraps around the metallic rod, so you need to push the upholstery and rotate the handle until you see (from the side) a metallic wire-like thingy, remove that and the handle should come off by simply pulling it... please confirm

June-2nd-2010, 04:21 PM
Yep it worked. I pushed the door panel and I saw the clip.

It was quite easy to do.

Thx for your help

April-3rd-2011, 05:32 PM
thanks for your help. I had a small dent to fix and your advice helped me get the door panel off quick and easy.

December-16th-2012, 10:51 PM
Great job! I followed this instruction to take the door panel from my 2005. nicely done!